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Rose & Flower Facts

  • University studies from both Virginia Tech and Michigan State University show that landscape plants, including flowers and shrubs, can increase home value up to nearly 13 percent.
  • The rose was named the official flower of the United States by President Ronald Reagan in 1986.
  • There are three types of roses and 35 categories, ranging from species roses and old garden roses to hybrid tea roses and floribunda.
  • There are more than 250,000 species of flowering plants in the world, according to the University of Georgia's Savannah River Ecology Laboratory.
  • Flowers immediately impact happiness and have a long-term positive effect on moods, according to a study by Rutgers University.
  • Plants help remove pollutants from the air. During photosynthesis, a flower's leaves absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen.
  • Planting flowers can help hold soil together, reducing erosion and flooding.

  • Sources: American Rose Society, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, Virginia Cooperative Extension, Rutgers University and the Horticultural Research Institute

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