Termite Killer Granules

How should Bayer Advanced™ Termite Killer Granules be applied?

Open the container and sprinkle the granules onto the ground (bare soils, mulched areas, landscape beds, or turfgrass) directly adjacent to the building foundation. Make a band of sprinkled granules 6 inches wide around the structure being treated.

Directly after application, water until moist, but not to the point of run-off.

Do not disrupt treated soil.

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Where can Bayer Advanced™ Termite Killer Granules be used?

This product can be applied to areas that surround building structures, wooden fence posts or poles, other wooden constructions subject to termite attack.

Areas that can be treated include bare soils, landscaped planting areas, mulched areas and turfgrass.

How does Bayer Advanced™ Termite Killer Granules work?

This product is formulated on a granulated carrier for perimeter band applications. When applied to soil, moisture causes the granules to disintegrate and release the active ingredient into the uppermost layers of soil where termite foraging activity occurs.

How much will area will Bayer Advanced™ Termite Killer Granules cover?

The product will treat 200 linear feet with a 6-inch band (treated area around an average size home).