All-America Roses

2010 All-America Rose: Easy Does ItNo flower is more beloved than the rose, with its richly perfumed petals and classic form. If you’ve avoided roses because you think they’re difficult to grow, it’s time to change your buying habits (and your thinking). You can add one of these blooming beauties to your yard with confidence, knowing it will grow and unfurl blossom upon blossom when you plant an “All-America Rose Selections (AARS) winner”.

Flowery, But Stiff, Competition

The roses that earn this prestigious award must excel through two years of testing at locations in every climate zone. Care at these test gardens mimics typical homeowner conditions – nothing special is done to maintain plants, not even fungicide sprays.

Intensive judging scrutinizes plant performance, focusing on traits homeowners find desirable, including petal color, fragrance, disease resistance and flower production. Winning roses bear the AARS title like a seal of approval, and you can buy them with confidence, knowing they’re guaranteed to grow beyond your expectations – with little maintenance.

The 2010 AARS Winner

Each year, AARS names one or more winners that have passed the judging with consistently excellent marks. For 2010, only one rose met the high standards required to become an AARS winner: Easy Does It.

A Floribunda rose with a rounded and bushy growth habit, Easy Does It tosses open clusters of ruffled blooms in sunset shades of pink, orange and apricot. Leaves shrug off diseases, making traditionally mandatory spray programs obsolete. Use this rose in the landscape as a specimen shrub, or plant several to form a fragrant hedge.

A Full-Service Rose Resource

The AARS program does more than test roses and hand out awards. It also provides excellent advice on growing roses and details on which roses grow best in specific regions of the country.

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