Plant a Rose With Star Power

Plant a Rose With Star PowerHere’s a different take on how to choose a rose variety. How about one named after a favorite famous personality or movie star? These roses also make unique gifts. There are many “named varieties” to choose from – just be sure to plant in full sun and well-drained soil. Here are some of our favorites:

‘Barbara Bush’ is a hybrid tea with coral pink blooms marked with white. To get even more presidential, combine it with ‘Ronald Reagan,’ a beautiful red hybrid tea with a white reverse or ‘Mister Lincoln,’ an intensely fragrant red hybrid tea.

‘Barbra Streisand’ is a beautiful, rich purple hybrid tea with a lovely nose.

‘Bing Crosby’ is a deep orange hybrid tea with light, spicy fragrance. Bing’s good buddy ‘Bob Hope’ is a cherry red hybrid tea.

‘Chris Evert’ is a hybrid tea with bright orange blooms blushed with red.

‘Della Reese’ is a wine-red hybrid tea with intense fragrance.

‘Diana, Princess of Wales’ is a regal hybrid tea with flowers of pink and cream.

‘Dolly Parton,’ also a hybrid tea, has voluptuous coppery orange-red flowers with a spicy clove fragrance.

‘Elizabeth Taylor’ is a hybrid tea with hot pink blooms.

‘Ingrid Bergman’ is a radiant red hybrid tea.

‘John-John’ produces beautiful yellow flowers in small sprays. It’s an excellent landscape floribunda with very good disease resistance. It seems like a perfect match for pure white ‘John F. Kennedy.’

‘Judy Garland’ is a floribunda with bright yellow blooms that blush to orange and red.

‘Marilyn Monroe’ is a shapely hybrid tea with creamy apricot flowers touched with hints of green.

‘Phyllis Diller’ is a vigorous grandiflora with huge sprays of yellow blooms.

‘Princesse de Monaco’ is a lovely hybrid tea with clear white blooms edged in soft pink.

‘Rosie O’Donnell’ is a vibrant, bright red hybrid tea with a yellow reverse.