The Power of Partnership


Bayer Advanced. Arbor Day Foundation

Our history with the Arbor Day Foundation

Since 2006, Bayer Advanced™ and the Arbor Day Foundation have worked together to achieve the Arbor Day Foundation’s mission to plant, nurture and celebrate trees.

Restoring critical forest ecosystems
Thanks to an annual $50,000 contribution from Bayer Advanced, the Arbor Day Foundation has been able to plant 630,000 trees in nine national forests throughout the United States. See the map below.

  1. Klamath National Forest
    (Yerka, Calif.)
    50,000 trees planted in 2011
  2. Lassen National Forest
    (Susanville, Calif.)
    5,252 trees planted in 2010
  3. Tahoe National Forest
    (Nevada City, Calif.)
    20,000 trees planted in 2008
    71,505 trees planted in 2010
  4. Inyo National Forest
    (Bishop, Calif.)
    6,993 trees planted in 2010
  1. Sequoia National Forest
    (Porterville, Calif.)
    80,000 trees planted in 2008
  2. Flathead National Forest
    (Kalispell, Mont.)
    100,000 trees planted in 2009
  3. Bankhead National Forest
    (Double Srings, Ala.)
    75,000 trees planted in 2006
  4. Superior National Forest
    (Duluth, Minn.)
    50,000 trees planted in 2011
  1. Hiawatha National Forest
    (Gladstone, Mich.)
    16,250 trees planted in 2010
  2. Huron-Manistee National Forest
    (Cadillac, Mich.)
    105,000 trees planted in 2007
  3. Manchester State Forest
    (Sumter, S.C.)
    50,000 trees planted in 2013

Helping homeowners maintain healthy trees
Beginning in 2015, we’re sharing our collective expertise through online resources that help homeowners better care for their trees and shrubs. With The Arbor Day Foundation’s Tree Health Guide and our very own Tree Care 101 site, homeowners have simple steps to assess tree health and properly identify and remedy problems that can impact tree health – drought, diseases, invasive species, pests and improper planting.