Tomato Varieties Abound

With every new edition of the Tomato Growers’ Supply Company catalog, we’re amazed at how many exciting varieties of tomatoes are available. There are not just early, mid-season and late varieties, there are also oxhearts, small-fruited and beefsteaks, paste tomatoes, heirlooms, bicolors and black, green, yellow, orange and white varieties. Anyone who loves tomatoes has to visit their website at They also carry a wide variety of peppers and eggplants, as well as growing supplies.

Here are a few tomato varieties that have caught our attention:

  • ‘Honey Hybrid’ is perfect for anyone who loves sweet tomatoes. It produces rich-flavored, 8-ounce fruit all season long.
  • ‘Solar Fire,’ a heat-tolerant variety developed by the University of Florida, keeps producing in the hottest weather and has excellent disease resistance.
  • ‘Believe It Or Not’ is for large-tomato lovers. It produces fruit weighing up to 2 pounds apiece and possessing excellent flavor.
  • ‘Copia’ is a beautiful bicolored tomato with red and yellow stripes on the outside and delicious yellow flesh that’s striped red.

Start tomato seedlings indoors, and plant outside in full sun after the last frost. Water and fertilize regularly, and be sure to protect plants from insect pests.