When it comes to weed control - DuraZone gives you more.

Bayer Advanced DuraZone Weed & Grass Killer spray is both a broadleaf weed killer and a grassy weed killer. Just one application kills dandelions, crabgrass, spurge, clover and other listed weeds and grasses. Plus it prevents new weeds up to 6 months.

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More control

6 months vs 4 months of protection *

DuraZone lasts

DuraZone kills existing weeds, and it prevents new weeds up to 6 months. Longer residual control means less spraying – giving you more free time.

More coverage

650 sq.ft. vs 400 sq.ft.

DuraZone treats
up to 60% MORE
square footage!

More coverage with just one bottle means less cost – saving you money.


Ergo-Grip Sprayer

Our award-winning 1.3 Gallon Ergo-Grip Sprayer is designed to give you a better spraying experience.

More Value

Refill our ego-grip sprayer 4 times with just 1 bottle of concentrate.
To refill their sprayer there times, you need to buy 1.25 gallon refills.

1 - Bayer Advanced DuraZone Weed & Grass Killer trials, March 2011, Clayton, NC.
2 - Based on product label comparisons between DuraZone 1.3 Gallon Ready-To-Use versus 1.3 Gallon Roundup Extended Control Ready-To-Use.

Our sprayer is

Use one bottle of Concentrate to refill our Ergo-Grip sprayer 3 times – and save even more.