NATRIA® Insecticidal Soap

Protects edible and ornamental plants from damaging insects

  • Kills Aphids, Mealybugs, Mites, Whiteflies and other listed pests
  • For use on vegetables, flowers, fruit and houseplants
  • Use indoors or outdoors
  • For organic gardening
  • Actives: Potassium Salts of Fatty Acids

Questions & Answers

What insect pests will Bayer Advanced™ Natria® Insecticidal Soap Ready-To-Use kill?

Adelgids (woolly aphids), Aphids, Lace Bugs, Mealybugs, Mites, Grasshoppers, Leafhoppers, Scale Insects, Plant Bugs, Sawfly Larvae, Psyllids, Tent Caterpillars, Thrips, Spider Mites, Earwigs and Whiteflies

Can Bayer Advanced™ Natria® Insecticidal Soap Ready-To-Use be used indoors or in greenhouses?

This product can be used indoors, outdoors and in greenhouses.

When should Bayer Advanced™ Natria® Insecticidal Soap Ready-To-Use be applied?

The product should be applied when insects, or insect damage, first appears.


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Sizes and Labels

Natira Insecticidal Soap - RTU - 24oz - 706230A
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24 oz. Ready-To-Use