NATRIA® Grass & Weed Killer

Eliminates unwanted vegetation, fast

  • Kills listed weeds and grasses, including Dandelion, Chickweed and others
  • Fast-acting! See results in 20 minutes
  • For use on patios, driveways, sidewalks and flower beds
  • Active: Ammoniated soap of fatty acids

Where can Bayer Advanced® NATRIA® Grass & Weed Killer Ready-To-Use be used?

This product can be used to control weeds on patios, driveways, sidewalks, mulch and in planting beds prior to planting grass, flowers or vegetables.

What weeds will Bayer Advanced NATRIA Grass & Weed Killer Ready-To-Use kill?

This product kills: Annual Bluegrass, Chickweed, Corn Spurry, Dandelion, Groundsel, Lambsquarters, Large Crabgrass, Mouse-Ear Chickweed, Mustards, Plantain, Redroot Pigweed, Round-Leaved Mallow, Sheep Sorrel, Shepherd’s Purse, Stinkweed, Thistle, Moss, Algae and Lichens.

When is the best time to apply Bayer Advanced NATRIA Grass & Weed Killer Ready-To-Use?

This product can be applied anytime of the year.

Sizes and Labels

706170A - NATRIA Grass and Weed Killer - Ready-to-Use - 24 oz
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24 oz. Ready-To-Use
706180A - NATRIA Grass & Weed Killer (Ready-to-Use), 64 oz
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64 oz. Ready-To-Use