3-In-1 Tree & Shrub Plant Starter*

A simple way to give your trees and shrubs the right start

Our exclusive 3-in-1 formula provides:
    1.  Feeding
    2.  Moisture control
    3.  3-month insect protection
  • Reduces transplant shock and the need for watering, and promotes root growth
  • Includes mail-in rebate for a future Bayer Advanced Tree & Shrub purchase
  • Active: 0.69% Imidacloprid
  • Fertilizer analysis: 4-7-4

*Not for sale, sale into, and/or use in Nassau, Suffolk, Kings and Queens counties of NY

Questions & Answers

How do I use this product?

Place plant in planting hole. Place pouch 4-6 inches deep on the side of the root ball, fill the hole with soil or media, and water the plant thoroughly.

Place at root ballWater in

How many packs of Bayer Advanced™ 3-In-1 Tree & Shrub Starter Ready-To-Use Throw Packs should be used per planting?

Newly Planted Trees: use 2 pouches.

Newly Planted Shrubs: use 1 pouch.

Each pouch contains 1.3 oz. of product.

What types of plants can Bayer Advanced™ 3-In-1 Tree & Shrub Starter Ready-To-Use Throw Packs be applied to?

This product can be applied to outdoor Ornamental Plants, Trees, and Shrubs, plus non-bearing Fruit and Nut Trees.

How does Bayer Advanced™ 3-In-1 Tree & Shrub Starter Ready-To-Use Throw Packs work?

With watering, the contents of the pouch quickly release. The nutrients and insecticide move up throughout the plant, even to new growth. Essential nutrients and insect protection are provided to the newly developing plant. Moisture control helps retain water so that it is available when the plant needs it. This triple action formula helps increase plant survival, plant health and overall vitality of the plant.


Cultivate To Stimulate Young Transplants Early-Blooming Shrubs Selecting and Storing Bare-Root Plants Selecting Bare-Root Trees Small Flowering Trees for Fall Planting Small Trees for Tight Spaces

Sizes and Labels

3-In-1 Tree Shrub Plant Starter - Throw-Pack - 701660A
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Two pouches per 2.6 oz. bag Ready-To-Use