Applying Season Long Weed Control for Lawns*

When to apply

  • Apply anytime spring through fall when temperatures are between 50°F-90°F.
  • Apply in spring for a beautiful lawn all summer long.
  • Apply in fall to get a head start on a great spring lawn.

where to apply

On established lawns – without harming lawn grasses.2

how to apply
  1. Spray the entire lawn area to kill current lawns weeds and prevent new lawn weeds for up to six months.1
  2. Wait at least one hour after applying, then activate preventive weed barrier by watering in with ¼ - ½” of irrigation.
Hose Sprayer illustration
Lawn Sprinkler
Wait & water In

for best results


  • Spray when weeds are small and actively growing and temperatures are between 50°F-90°F.
  • Do not apply while grass is emerging from dormancy.
  • Certain hard-to-kill weeds may be retreated in two weeks if necessary. Spray individual weeds using Season Long Weed Control for Lawns Concentrate.
  • Heavy raking will disturb the weed preventative barrier and reduce the effectiveness of this product.
  • Newly seeded lawn may be sprayed after fourth mowing.
  • Bare spots may be seeded 60 days after application.


  • The treated lawn can be mowed one to two days after spraying.
  • Clippings from the first three mowings should be left on the treated area.
  • Do not use clippings from the treated areas as mulch or compost around flowers, ornamentals, trees, or in vegetable gardens


  • If lawn is dry, water one to two days before using this product.
  • Wait at least one hour after applying, then activate preventative weed barrier by watering in with ¼ - ½” of irrigation.
  • Rain or watering one hour after application will not wash away effectiveness.

Before using

  • Remove animal feeding dishes prior to application and keep people and pets away from treated areas until spray has dried.
  • Use this product only on established lawns.
  • Apply when the air is calm to avoid spray drift onto desirable plants.

*Not for sale, distribution or use in New York.
** See product label for kill/prevent weed list.
1 Does not provide pre-emergent or post-emergent control of Crabgrass.
2 Won’t harm lawns when used as directed. Do not use on Carpetgrass, improved varieties of St. Augustinegrass (such as Floratam), Dichondra or desirable Clovers.
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