Moss Algae


Mosses and algaes are nonparisitic plants that do not harm desirable plants but rather fill-in where growing conditions, such too much shade, poor drainage or low soil pH, prevent lawns and landscape plants from thriving. They can also grow on shaded or wet walls, roofs, decks, and paving, becoming unsightly and/or a slippery hazard. In general, mosses are dense, low growing plants with threadlike stems and tiny leaves. Algaes form a more dense, slimy coating that turns black when dry, often forming a hard crust on the soil thus making watering difficult.

Mosses and algaes (also lichens – a composite, symbiotic plant made up of certain algae + certain fungi) can be controlled with Bayer Advanced 2-in-1 Moss & Algae Killer.  In the long run it also will help to correct conditions that favor their growth, that could include allowing penetration of more light by pruning trees, improving drainage and adjusting irrigation, fertilization and soil pH.

Found throughout the United Sates.

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Keep in mind that poor growing conditions, such as too much or too little water,  poor drainage or improper fertilization can result in symptoms that are very similar to insect or disease damage. For more information on growing all types of plants, go to

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