Anthracnose (Ornamental)

10 Ways pests get inside your house


Annual Bluegrass Weevils are serious pests of close-cut annual bluegrass. Adults are relatively small dark gray Beetles (about 1/8 inch), covered with a yellowish fine hair that falls away as the Weevil matures. Larvae are white, C-shaped grubs with a brown head.

Plants Affected

The most seious damage is caused by the larvae, which burrow into the stem of the grass, then eat their way out through th crown. The grass will begin to wilt and the turf will develop small, brownish yellow spots that will spread and connect as the infestation continues. One larvae can destroy multiple plants in its lifetime. Adults damage turf grass by chewing notches in the blades.

Cultural Solutions
  • Plant resistant varieties whenever possible.
  • Clean-up and dispose of fallen leaves and litter, where disease can overwinter.
  • Dispose of infected prunings. 
  • Avoid severe pruning as vigorous growth can increase infection.
  • Space plants apart to maximize air circulation and increase sunlight for faster drying.