Protecting tomorrow today

Bayer Advanced is proudly backed by Crop Science, a world-leading crop protection company. The solutions we bring to your backyard are often the direct result of innovation focused on addressing the greatest challenges of our time.

    ■  Feeding a growing population 
    ■  Promoting sustainable agriculture practices
    ■  Protecting our water supply and the diversity of life

These are the missions that define Crop Science and more reasons to feel good about choosing Bayer Advanced.

Breathe easier with Bayer Advanced

When you use our products, you're doing your part to protect your plants from insects, drought and diseases. That helps them maximize their ability to do things like absorb carbon dioxide. But the best part? Our dedication to innovation means you'll apply fewer products, less often with better results.

At Bayer Advanced, we are:

    ■  Decreasing the amount of plastic in our bottles 
    ■  Using less corrugated cardboard in packing, shipping and displays 
    ■  Incorporating post-consumer recycled content wherever possible 
    ■  Reusing and recycling as much as possible during the manufacturing process 

With Bayer Advanced innovations, less is more

Drench Solutions

    ■  Use less water, less often, as compared to foliar spray treatments
    ■  No spraying required - just mix and pour
    ■  Eliminate spray drift to non-targeted plants
    ■  Deliver systemic, long-lasting protection or fewer applications

New water-saving applicators

    ■  Use up to 25% less water than the leading competitors ¹ 
    ■  Support smart watering practices 
    ■  Easy to use - just hook to the hose and go

¹ Vs. leading competitors' product label comparisons and internal Bayer testing.

Combination Formulations

    ■  Work like two or more products in one
    ■  Eliminate the need for multiple treatments
    ■  Save you time and money

To learn more about Crop Science, our commitment to sustainability and global practices, please click here.