Feed All Three Levels of your Lawn. Grass Roots Soil
introducing new
triple action lawn fertilizer*

the science beneath the surface.

Triple Action Lawn Fertilizer does more than meet your turf’s basic nutritional needs – it improves turf nutrition at every level for up to 3 MONTHS to build a lush lawn that lasts.
Grass – greens, thickens lawn
Roots – builds strong roots
Soil – feeds & fortifies soil


3 months

Micro-nutrients revitalize the soil

Triple Action Lawn Fertilizer is enriched with essential micro-nutrients that are the building blocks of strong, resilient turf. These micro-nutrients, combined with quick-release nitrogen and 50% slow-release nitrogen, help to build a strong root system and richer soil below, so grass grows thicker and greener above.
(Fe) IRON  helps provide the deep green color to turf.

(Mn) MANGANESE  increases photosynthesis and growth rate, plus helps prevent
                                       disease outbreaks.

(Zn) ZINC – helps keep lawns growing well under high temperatures.

(Cu) COPPER – aids in photosynthesis, cell wall strength and prevention of wilting.

when to apply

Apply any time the turf is actively growing – spring, summer or fall.

Spring icon

Spring – wait to apply until grass has
greened and been mowed 2 times.

summer icon

Summer – if temperatures are over 90º,
make sure to water after application.

fall icon

Fall – apply at least 6 weeks before the first
historical frost date for your area. Do not
apply to Centipedegrass after October 1st.

Always read and follow label instructions. Check with your local Cooperative
Extension Agency for the most ideal application timing.

How to apply
  • Use a rotary or drop-type spreader – settings are provided on the label.

  • Treat the border of your lawn first, then fill the center by making parallel passes.

  • Be sure to check the label for application tips to ensure complete coverage.

fertilizer spreader illustration

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