Finally, A weed & feed that does more. Weeds & Feeds Plus prevents listed broadleaf & grassy weeds up to 6 MONTHS
3-in-1 weed & feed for southern lawns
  1. Feeds lawns
  2. Kills listed weeds
  3. Plus prevents listed broadleaf and grassy weeds, including Crabgrass,
up to 6 months
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Up to 6 months of protection from weeds

we've got southern turf covered.
3-In-1 Weed & Feed can be used on all four major Southern turf types.

Won't harm lawns when used as directed.

Do not apply to: Bahiagrass, Bentgrass, Ormond variety of Bermudagrass, Buffalograss, Carpetgrass, Dichondra, Fescue, Kikuyugrass, Ryegrass and Seashore Paspalum lawns.

application tips

 it's like 3 products in 1.

Save time. Save Money. Make one application, instead of buying and applying multiple products throughout the season with 3-In-1 Weed & Feed For Southern Lawns.

See how 3-In-1 Weed &
Feed For Southern Lawns
is different.